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Visit Elizabethtown PA and Elizabethtown Weddings is a 100% volunteer Economic Revitilization, Development, Community Improvement, and Marketing organization made up of 4 local small business owners. All of MSIB's officers have a business and/or own property located in the Elizabethtown.  As well all the officers live in Elizabethtown (See the "About MSIB" for more information).  We are focused on bringing our downtown business district, the center square, and the main street back to life, back to a thriving self-sustaining economical and activity driven community. 100% of any funds raised and/or received by MSIB is put directly back into activities, improvements, safety, support, and marketing for Elizabethtown. Our mission is to engage the community to buy, shop, and dine with locally owned businesses and in turn strengthen the economic stability of our town. Basically, we are building a strong heart and foundation while working our way out.  We have a plan to rebrand Etown as well as lead the charge toward in regards to stable, balance, and sustainable Economic Development for all of Etown.

We have six major areas of focus:

  1. Business revitalization and stability
  2. Provide education to the value of shopping locally and engage the local residents with the local businesses
  3. Create marketing opportunities to all businesses throughout Etown and the surrounding areas
  4. Continued beautification of our streets, storefronts, sidewalks, historic buildings and more
  5. Creating a strong brand identity to Etown.
  6. Establish open lines of communication and continuity with all major groups and organizations in Etown which allows us to work together and share resources, ideas, and more.

WE NEED HELP!!! We do have internship opportunities as well we are looking for the go-getters of the town. Those that want to make a difference and can help. Volunteer to use your skill, talent, craft, and/or expertise to assist our mission.

Ask not what your town can do for you... DO something for your town.

Let's move forward together.

2ND Friday event in Elizabethtown, PA
Elizabethtown's Downtown Business Owners, Organizations, Churches and Local Artists are teaming up to have a community event every 2nd Friday of the month.

Sidewalk Sale

This event is Annually on the 2nd Friday in May and the following Saturday

Ribs and Riffs Music Festival

This event is Annually on the 2nd Friday in July and the following Saturday

FREE outdoor Live Music Festival.

Sidewalk Sale

This event is Annually on the 2nd Friday in March

Handmade Jewelry sold at various locations in Downtown Etown during the Etown 2nd Fridays every December

Beans and Brews
Beans and Brews is a unique homebrew and chilli contest. Held annually every 2nd Friday of April in Downtown Elizabethtown PA.

Wine Walk in Elizabethtown
The Wine Walk is a progressive 6 course meal and wine pairing as you walk through the shopping district.

This event is Annually on the 2nd Friday in September

Mug Run

This event is Annually on the 2nd Friday in June

Art Walk

The Etown Art Walk features local artists along with live music performances.

This event is Annually on the 2nd Friday in August.